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Latest Updates

Update Date Released: Upcoming for Winter Season

→ Updated ModRiot Name Servers

→ Upcoming updates for Classic and Private for Winter season

→ Upcoming fixes and addons for HideNSeek

Update Date Released : Mid Sep 2023

Renamed all NS Servers back to Necro144 Suffix

Training DeathMatch is now 2 teams instead of FFA (FREE FOR ALL)

Adjusted Vampire HP in TDM to a maximum of 101 HP

Adjusted some advertisements

Added more than 10 maps in TDM with waypointed BOTS

Update Date Released : Late March 2023

An update has been released for All CS1.6 Servers

Renamed all ModRiot/NS Servers

Added Vampire HP in TDM ( You get extra HP when you kill a player )

Maximized hostages HP to prevent players from being kicked in Private Server

Removed annoying advertisements

Update Date Released : Early October 2022

Bugs and Commands fixes in some certain servers

Deathrun | Added more knife skins

Deathrun | Removed the ability to do SGS and certain movements which break the game tactics

Deathrun | Removed the ability to do Double Duck CFG

Deathrun | Added Shop & Cash system

Renamed most of the players from DeathMatch

Decreased time limit of all maps on DeathRun

Updated an admin flags

Added skins on DeathRun which can be used by admins only

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